Who we are
Director Studio is an independent brand design agency in Cairo and Dubai.
We are a visionary group of Futurists, Strategists, Designers and Realisers.

By understanding, imagining and expressing change, we create simpler,
lighter, more desirable ideas for the future. We design for life.
At Director Studio you will meet
Who look at how the world is changing and explore the big shifts that are shaping our lives. They inform and inspire all our thinking.
Who build on this knowledge and define how brands can connect with our changing needs and desires. They focus and unlock our creativity.
Who create uniquely desirable experiences that move brands forward with a positive impact on our lives. They express and bring to life our big ideas.
Who develop the ultimate design outcomes that progress our lives and take us to a better future. They advance and realise our solutions.
Our Selected Clients
Our unique approach to designing for life has resulted in a host of creative awards as has seen us win prestigious design effectiveness awards for the past 15 consecutive years.
Director Studio thinking in new directions
We’re big on ideas, the more original the better. We look to bring something fresh to every job and love to explore the limits of our imagination. Always the bold way, never the old way.
Director Studio crafting every detail
Big ideas are nothing without beautiful execution. We’re masters of craft with an eagle eye for all the details that elevate good design into something truly stand-out. Everything considered, nothing overlooked.
Director Studio leaping obstacles
We see design as the most inventive form of problem solving. We start by working with you to identify the issues you’re facing, then come up with the most appropriate creative response to it. Mountains moved with no corners cut. Director Studio does it.
Director Studio pursuing greatness
We’re all about unlocking authentic potential. There is no other company out there like yours and we want your creative communications to be an expression and a celebration of this. Let’s aim high and do great things together.